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Your Contributions and donations at work in 2014 helped the Freedom Schools provide intensive reading and literacy through intentional teaching techniques to more than 450 scholars (Pre-K thorugh 8th Grades) in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS.  We served approximately 280 Pre-K scholars at three different locations in Missouri and helped to prepare them for their first year of kindergarten.  We we able to serve 100 (K-8th) graders in Kansas City, KS and 100 (k-8) in Missouri.  We assisted close to 50 college-age Interns with leadership development, social action, community involvement, a monetary stipend and a host of memories and experiences that will last a life-time.  

Your contributions and donations enabled us to improve the reading and literacy, comprehension and vocabulary of better than 90% of the scholars served!  At the same time, we helped each scholar build self-esteem, establish healthy relationships with their teachers and peers, strengthen social/emotional and behavior appropriate for the classroom.  Additionally we assited the families of these scholars with parent enrichment information to aid in assisting their scolars towards academic success.  As you can see, your dollar goes a long way in the effort to build strong and healthy little people who will one day grow up to be big people in our communities.  

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A Moment in Black History
1st Missouri Regiment of Colored Infantry
The Union army regiment was organized in St. Louis in December 1863 after the signing of order No.135 authorizing the recruitment of "all Negros, free or slaves" after the fall harvest.  Renamed the 62nd Regiment United States Color Troops, the unit was sent south in June 1864, first to Louisiana and then to Rio Grande in Texas, where it fought in the Battle of Palmito Ranch.  The soldiers, who were learning to read and write, decided to create a school for free blacks, and this led to the establishment of the Lincoln Institute (later Lincoln University) in Jefferson City, Missouri.  The Soldier's Memorial, a bronze sculture by Ed Dwight, was dedicated on the historic black college campus in 2007.  (To see the sculpture go to www.waymarking.com).


  • 14th - Valentines Day!
  • 16th - Presidents Day observed
  • 8th - Daylight Savings Time begins
  • 14th - Last Day of Saturday Reading Academy

       Kansas City Freedom Schools Initiative
Celebrate Black History Month by learning something new about a Black Historian

What Makes CDF Freedom Schools Different?
The CDF Freedom Schools ® concept is unique among summer enrichment programs because the mission is to create safe, nurturing educational environments that set high expectations for all children.
  • Literacy as a Lifeline Reading is at the heart of the Freedom School curriculum. During the summer session, many students fall in love with books for the first time.
  • Multigenerational Mentoring Freedom School scholars ages 5-17 are taught by college-age interns who want to improve the lives of children while enriching their own life experience. Each intern completes rigorous traning at the Children’s Defense Fund conference facility on the Alex Haley Farm in Clinton, Tennesse, and at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Interns from around the nation have the opportunity to study the Freedom School model together.
  • Highlighting Cultural Awareness Cultural history and heritage are emphasized through the use of an Integrated Reading Curriculum that introduces students to a rich collection of culturally diverse literature. Activities and field trips also explore a variety of cultures.
  • Parenting as Learning Partners Freedom Schools recognize parents as important partners in educating their children. Parents are expected to participate in school activities and attend weekly workshops to learn more about successful parenting, setting and achieving family goals, and becoming advocates for children’s education.

Servant Leader Internship
The concept of servant leadership provides the basis for preparing college students to lead children while nurturing them both academically and emotionally. Servant Leader Interns are expected to model behavior that serves as an example of fairness, integrity, and dependability.

Each CDF Freedom School hires its own team of Servant Leader Interns who are up and coming leaders from the local community. All Servant Leader Interns must:
  • be between 19 and 30 years old
  • have at least one year of college experience
  • have a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher

All servant leader interns receive a monetary stipend for their service and dedication.
All Servant Leader Interns are expected to demonstrate their commitment to:

  • youth leadership development,
  • social action,
  • civic engagement, and
  • youth empowerment.
Our program cultivates two generations of leadership, demonstrating to all that young people can indeed make a difference in themselves, their communities, and their world through education, hope, leadership, and social action.

Missouri Pre-K Common Core Standards
For more information, please visit the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Content Component

Process Standards


Symbolic Development

Represents feelings and ideas in a variety of ways

Spoken/Expressive Language

Uses language to communicate ideas, feelings, and questions or to solve problems

Listening/Receptive Language

Listens for different purposes

Written Language

Uses writing as a means of expression/communication

Knowledge of Print and Books

Applies early reading skills

Sounds of Language (Phonological Awareness)

Attends to sounds in language

Social and Emotional Development

Knowledge of Self

Exhibits self awareness

Develops self control

Develops personal responsibility

Knowledge of Others

Builds relationships of mutual trust and respect with others

Works cooperatively with children and adults

Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning

Shows curiosity

Takes initiative

Exhibits creativity

Shows confidence

Displays persistence

Uses problem-solving skills


Numbers and Operation

Uses numbers to show quantity

Uses language to represent number of objects

Solves problems using number

Uses numerical representation

Geometry and Spatial Sense

Investigates positions and locations

Explores shapes in the environment

Patterns and Relationships

Recognizes relationships in the environment

Uses patterns in the environment


Makes comparisons

Uses measurement

Exploring Data

Collects, organizes, and uses information


Physical Science

Explores physical properties of objects and materials

Investigates properties of objects and materials

Solves problems involving physical properties of objects and materials

Represents observations of the physical works in a variety of ways

Life Science

Explores characteristics of living things

Investigates characteristics of living things

Solves problems related to living things

Represents observations about living things in a variety of ways

Earth and Space

Explores properties of earth and space

Investigates properties of earth and space

Solves problems involving earth and space

Represents observations about earth and space in a variety of ways

Physical Development, Health and Safety

Physical Development and Coordination

Uses gross motor skills with purpose and coordination

Uses fine motor skills with purpose and control

Responds to sensory input to function in the environment


Practices healthy behaviors


Practices safe behaviors

Last day to enroll is Friday January 30, 2015!
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